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Freight Hound is revolutionizing the way trucking companies search for missing freight and organize OS&D. Below are just some of the highlights and success stories we’ve accumulated. 
4/18/2008 Photo Editing Capabilities Added
Picture Power just got more powerful. Freight Hound is adding a photo editor to the Add Overage screen which will allow users to rotate, crop, enlarge and enhance pictures on the fly. We have also increased the size of pictures to 700x700 pixels, making it easier to identify freight.
4/8/2008 Claims Awareness Training Posters Now Available
Claims Awareness Training and Posters are the newest loss prevention tool to be offered from the folks at Freight Hound. For less than $5.50 per location per month, carriers can be confident that every employee receives the same quality loss prevention message. Once a year every terminal will receive a package containing 12 full-size, color posters along with a binder full of training guides and attendance sheets. Training topics include Forklift Safety, Blocking & Bracing, Dunnage, Recouping, Quality Loading, Manifesting, Security, Proper Stacking, Bill of Lading Review and more.
4/1/2008 USF Holland Renews Subscription
USF Holland, a YRCW company, has renewed their Freight Hound subscription for another year. Holland is very serious about claims prevention and we like to think that Freight Hound fits nicely into their arsenal of loss prevention weapons.
3/28/2008 Salvage Hound Integrated With Freight Hound
Freight Hound just gained an ally in the war against freight claims. Salvage Hound, our salvage liquidation subsidiary, has long been recognized as a technology leader in the freight salvage arena, but until now, Freight Hound users had to log into a separate system to see if freight they were looking for had been sent to salvage. But no more. Freight Hound subscribers who also utilize Salvage Hound can now search both systems with a click of a button on the revised search screen.
3/1/2008 Holland Matches $92,000 In Freight!
Congratulations to USF Holland users who successfully matched over $92,000-worth of freight in 2007. Holland OS&D Clerks are vigilant about adding photos to their listings, which is likely the reason they find a home for over 26% of their over-freight.
2/10/2008 Introducing The Freight Hound Forum
Introducing Freight Hound FORUM! – Formerly part of, Freight Hound FORUM will serve as a gathering place for Loss Prevention Professionals to discuss issues that are pertinent to the industry. From freight claims to transportation law; training resources to loading tools; salvage options to mitigation strategies, the FORUM will be a valuable resource to everyone involved in cargo claims and OS&D.
2/8/2008 Freight Hound Text Editor Rolled Out
Get Creative! This week Freight Hound added an HTML editor to several screens which will allow users to easily format text. Not too long ago we realized some tech savvy users had started adding html tags to their overage listings (things like bold, bullets, indentation, larger fonts, etc.) and we thought, “why not?” Now everyone (not just the geeks) can pretty up their listings, e-mails, and APB’s.
1/17/2008 USF Reddaway Renews
USF Reddaway renewed their subscription to Freight Hound this week citing the programs ease of use and management’s eagerness to please as reasons. We are proud to have Reddaway as customers.
10/23/2007 All Points Bulleints Now Searchable
At the suggestion of a customer, Freight Hound has added the ability to search All Point Bulletins (APB’s) by either Pro number or Keywords. This feature is especially useful to employees who like to browse over-freight looking for matches.
9/15/2007 User Activity Report Added
Freight Hound introduces the User Activity Report which management can use to ensure employees are logging into the system regularly. It also shows how effective those employees are at adding photos and matching overages.
5/7/07 Freight Hound Has Moved!
After two short years, we had outgrown our 700-sqft office space above a print shop. Everyone pitched in and we were able to complete the entire move in one weekend. The new facility in Edison, WA is much roomier and boasts a beautiful view of Chuckanut Mountain, Lummi Island and Samish Bay.
4/30/2007 Freight Hound Attends the TLPSA in Orlando, FL
Last week our President, Tom Miller, was in Orlando, FL at the TLPSA conference. He met with prevention professionals from around the nation and, in addition to a suntan, he came back with lots of great ideas for improving Freight Hound. Keep an eye on the site as your suggestions come to life.
4/10/2007 USF Reddaway Initiates Second-Wave of Users
USF Reddaway will add over 30 users this week. Many of these users come from the absorption of a sister company earlier this year which greatly expanded their coverage area.
4/6/2007 USF Holland Breaks Even in Under One Week!
Less than one week after going live, USF Holland surpassed 100% Return on Investment in style with a $10,000 match by Betsy Ross of their Nashville Terminal. Holland employees embraced the application quickly and matched several high-dollar shipments in a short period of time making them the fastest customer ever to reach Break Even.
4/2/2007 USF Holland Users are Trained and Ready to Go
USF Holland OS&D Professionals were trained last week and will begin using the Freight Hound system Monday 4/2. Conference call participants were very receptive to the new technology and seemed quite comfortable with digital cameras and web-based applications.
3/26/2007 Freight Hound v2.0 is Unleashed
Freight Hound v2.0 is Unleashed Freight Hound version 2.0 went live around midnight Saturday, 3/24/07 with minimal fanfare. Kelly Miller, Freight Hound’s CIO, explained, “That’s just the way we like it: No service interruptions; no phone calls; no problems.”
3/13/2007 Straight A Express
Straight A Express has been set up with a user account and also began using Freight Hound's Salvage Service
3/12/2007 Coming Soon: Freight Hound v2.0
In two weeks, a completely revamped version of Freight Hound will be released. In addition to a sleeker look, the application boasts larger OS&D pictures, Expanded APB functionality, a new “Read Only” subscription level (CSR), and improved navigation tools. Users are invited to attend open conference calls starting the week of 3/19 to get a sneak peek at the new program.
3/8/2007 USF Reddaway Breaks Even on their Investment
In just under two months, USF Reddaway employees have matched enough freight using the Freight Hound System to justify the company’s initial investment.
3/02/2007 Trego Toledo Initiates Accounts
Trego will Use Freight Hound to post over-freight and exceptions which will be viewable by approved partner carriers.
1/15/2007 Freight Hound Welcomes USF Reddaway Subscribers
Monday, 1/15/07, all USF Reddaway terminals went live on the Freight Hound System. Reddaway Employees attended training conference calls the previous week and seemed excited about the new tool as one CSR summed up, “This makes OS&D seem fun.”
5/10/2006 Cape Cod Trucking is set up with User Accounts
Niche carrier, Cape Cod Trucking has been set up with non-subscriber accounts which will allow them to report overages to interline partners which are Freight Hound subscribers.
5/1/2006 On-Time Trucking Sets up User Accounts
On-Time Trucking joins the ever-expanding list of users who wish to reduce freight claims through better communication,
3/26/2006 Sunline Trucking Initiates Freight Hound Accounts
SunLine Trucking has been set up with accounts for their New York and Florida operations.
3/06/2006 Columbian Central OS&D Department to Use Freight Hound
Columbian will use a centralized approach to report overages and delivery exceptions to their partners via Freight Hound.
3/3/2006 Freight Hound Attends TLPSA in San Antonio, TX
Freight Hound President, Tom Miller, attended the National Transportation Loss Prevention & Safety Association’s conference in San Antonio, TX. The meeting was attended by influential loss prevention professionals from most of the major LTL carriers in the US. It was very informative and host, Ed Loughman, made sure that everyone was well taken care of.
2/27/2006 BDR Express to use Freight
Hound BDR initiated several user accounts which will allow them to report overages as they are identified in their system.
2/16/2006 GFC Cartage Initiates User Accounts
In an effort to better report freight exceptions with partner carriers, GFC Cartage has requested Freight Hound user accounts for its employees.
2/14/2006 SuperVan of St. Louis to Join the Pack
SuperVan announced that they will set up Freight Hound user accounts to communicate OS&D issues with partner carriers.
1/01/2006 Freight Hound Expands into Freight Salvage
Software and freight salvage may seem like strange bedfellows, but there is actually synergy if the software deals with freight loss prevention. Freight Hound has taken a new approach to an age-old business by wrapping commission based salvage sales in a slick, web-based interface. Salvage Hound might appear to be just another e-commerce site, but behind the flashy storefront lies a robust inventory and accounting system which allows customers to monitor the status of their salvage freight and associated revenue.
12/07/2005 Bullet Freight Subscribes to Freight Hound
Bullet Freight has Subscribed to the Freight Hound Virtual OS&D Bay for its locations across the US. Freight Hound’s cross-platform capability will help Bullet coordinate OS&D efforts within the company and amongst their diverse network of delivery agents.
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Freight Hound is a web-based application for Transportation Loss Prevention Professionals. It allows employees to run detailed queries and track down misplaced freight quickly and efficiently. Photos and detailed descriptions assist identification of freight. All Points Bulletins (APBs) expedite searches, reduce e-mails, organize documents and help monitor progress. Reports help manage people, hold partners accountable and Reduce Freight Claims.
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