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With no servers to maintain, and no software to install or support, your IT team might actually thank you.

Freight Hound liberates your workforce from the time and geographical constraints of conventional software, allowing them to work OS&D from anywhere at any time.

Freight Hound applications are delivered on demand over the internet and fully support all major platforms and popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox.

The Leading Edge

"...using a web-based application can save you significant time and hassle dealing with software..."
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What Is Freight Hound?
Assist employees in identifying freight. They can be e-mailed to customers.
All Points Bulletins
Get the word out fast when OS&D emergencies occur. They can be broadcast to partner carriers too.
Quick Search
Keyword searches often return immediate matches. If not, more detailed searches are possible.
 100% Web-Based
On-Demand Application makes OS&D accessible from any internet-capable computer
Freight Hound is a web-based application for Transportation Loss Prevention Professionals. It allows employees to run detailed queries and track down misplaced freight quickly and efficiently. Photos and detailed descriptions assist identification of freight. All Points Bulletins (APBs) expedite searches, reduce e-mails, organize documents and help monitor progress. Reports help manage people, hold partners accountable and Reduce Freight Claims.
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