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Freight Hound understands one size does not always fit all. Company size, staffing, budget and corporate culture affect decisions about Claims Prevention tools.
Use the chart below to compare subscription levels, then use the calculator to estimate your company's costs.

This is the full-blown application with all its bells and whistles. Claims professionals within your company gain visibility to every piece of over-freight within your company and network of partners. Standard Level users have unlimited editing ability and can view all pertinent reports.
  Professional Customer Service Non-Subscriber
Customer Service
One-time company-wide expense which covers phone training of all users and initial database set-up.
$1950 - $6950 Free with unlimited subscription Free
Annual Subscription
Charge per user per year, which includes application hosting, unlimited image storage and data entry, as well as 24-hour tech support
$199 - $299
Per User
$99 - $149
per user
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What Is Freight Hound?
Assist employees in identifying freight. They can be e-mailed to customers.
All Points Bulletins
Get the word out fast when OS&D emergencies occur. They can be broadcast to partner carriers too.
Quick Search
Keyword searches often return immediate matches. If not, more detailed searches are possible.
 100% Web-Based
On-Demand Application makes OS&D accessible from any internet-capable computer

Freight Hound is a web-based application for Transportation Loss Prevention Professionals. It allows employees to run detailed queries and track down misplaced freight quickly and efficiently. Photos and detailed descriptions assist identification of freight. All Points Bulletins (APBs) expedite searches, reduce e-mails, organize documents and help monitor progress. Reports help manage people, hold partners accountable and Reduce Freight Claims.
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