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What is
Freight Hound?
Freight Hound is simply the Fastest and most Efficient way to Find Lost Freight whether its on one of your OS&D bays or on a partner carrier's dock.
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OS&D Emergency All Points Bulletins(APBs) get the message out fast, then consolidate documents, photos, and search details.

Key personnel are notified when updates or comments are added.
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Photos and
help identify
making OS&D
more efficient.
Freight Hound will
pay for itself within
six months or we'll
refund the difference!
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100% Web-Based No Software to Install
No Server Space Used
No Compatibility Issues
No Hassles from IT
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Freight Hound is a web-based application for Transportation Loss Prevention Professionals. It allows employees to run detailed queries and track down misplaced freight quickly and efficiently. Photos and detailed descriptions assist identification of freight. All Points Bulletins (APBs) expedite searches, reduce e-mails, organize documents and help monitor progress. Reports help manage people, hold partners accountable and Reduce Freight Claims.
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